Dehydration In Dogs: Detection and Prevention

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Water is a basic need for all animals. When insufficient, a number of diseases may arise that could be prevented by simply ensuring that your dog gets the needed amounts of water daily. As in all cells, water is very vital for proper function. It allows all processes to smoothly occur and keep the body well and sound as it is supposed to be.

Dogs have up to eighty percent of their body as water. So maintenance of proper fluid intake is important and should not be taken lightly. Processes such as circulation, waste removal and proper digestion are all encompassed in by the water content in a dog’s body. These biological processes keep your dog healthy and active as they are.

How Does Dehydration Happen?

Dehydration is the loss of the proper amount of fluid content a body is supposed to have. If these levels drop down, your dog’s biological processes can be greatly affected. Some events other than the lack of fluid intake can also cause dehydration. When your dog is sick for instance, some illnesses can give rise to diarrhea or even vomiting. These situations cause your dog to bring out a lot of fluid from the body and of course lead to decreased levels of fluids inside the body. Accompanied by weakness, your dog may not be able to get up and drink from a bowl which can consequently worsen the condition.

Similar to humans, a dog’s fluid content maintain the proper temperature inside the body. So in cases of having hot weather, water intake is in fact very important. It is in these situations that your dog can also lose a great amount of fluid so keep in mind that your dog should be drinking more fluids especially when you are in hot places.

All these requirements are greatly increased when your dog is still a puppy. This is due to the fact that growth is still in the process. For your dog to have the normal growth rate, processes inside the body should happen with good amounts of water for them to be successful. It would be best that you consult with your veterinarian to ensure that your puppy is getting the right amounts of water to be able to grow normally.

How Do You Know That Your Dog Is Already Getting Dehydrated?

There are general symptoms that could tell you if your dog is not getting proper amounts of water. Observe your dog’s eyes, if they appear to be more sunken than usual, they may be experiencing dehydration. Your dog’s behavior is also very indicative of his health. Lethargy and depression can give you clear signs that your dog is dehydrated. This may manifest itself during times where your dog is normally very playful and active. If they start to appear tired and not in the mood for games during these times, begin assessing the amount of water your dog has consumed for the day.

Dehydration also entails a loss of appetite for dogs. As they would be feeling weak and tired, the urge to eat will also decrease. You can easily monitor this by giving proper and constant amounts of food every day. Then if you see that your dog does not consume his food as he normally would, try encouraging him to drink water and that may bring back your dog to normal conditions. If not, try seeing if your dog has eaten something he should not or is behaving sickly as this would entail a condition that might be causing the dehydration.

Prevention Is Always Better Than A Cure

In order for your dog to not go through any of these situations when dehydrated, always be vigilant to prevent the occurrence of dehydration. Always remember to give your dog clean water at all times. Make sure that this water has not been staying outdoors for a while as certain harmful things may be present the next time you give it to your dog. Also, make sure that the bowl itself is clean, any accumulations on the walls and floor of the bowl can cause certain sicknesses to occur which no dog owner would want.

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