Facts about Dogs You Probably Never Knew

We’ve encountered a lot of beautiful and inspiring stories, heard a lot of adorable things, and probably come across many articles talking about how blessed this world is because of dogs. However, as much as we love them, only a few of us probably found time trying to get to know man’s ultimate best friend deeper enough.

Why dogs wag their tails, what colors they are able to recognize, these and the many other fun facts about dogs will be tackled below:



According to a certain study in California, dogs get jealous too. After observing 36 dogs from 14 different breeds, a group of researchers in California discovered that those who were ignored by their owners had gotten cold and aloof until the owners poured their attention on them. According to them, jealous and uncaring dogs tend to stay in one place but their behaviors would usually change dramatically with all the sweet giggles when the owners shower interest and attention.

Guilty or not?

While dogs know how to get jealous, a researcher named Alexandra Horowitz from Barnard College in New York found out that “guilt” is out of their vocabulary. Those puppy dog eyes are actually not in any way related to guilt. As a matter of fact, they are just the way how humans read a dog’s reaction to being reprimanded. Nonetheless, that does not mean the dog is guilty of the act. As a proof, Alexandra scolded a number of dogs for eating a forbidden treat. After doing so, she noticed that while the actual ones who had eaten the treat were showing that famous puppy eyes, those who were wrongly accused often looked guiltier than the ones who did the act.

My tail tells all!

Just because a dog wags his tail, it does not always mean he is happy. Studies show that happy dogs apparently wag their tails to the right while terrified dogs wag their tails to the left. Insecure dogs tend to wag their tails low while aggressive ones wag their tails with tense or dilated pupils.

A dog can dream

If you happened to witness your dog twitching on whimpering in their sleep, you were right when you thought they were dreaming. Studies show that dogs dream too. That is because they have the same brain wave patterns as humans’ while they are in slumber mode. And just like humans, some dogs dream more frequently than the others.


That puppy love tag is there for a reason. Anthropologist Elizabeth Marshall Thomas, the author of The Social Lives of Dogs, first opened the thought that dogs can maybe actually fall in love after witnessing two dogs named Sundog and Bean suffer from being kept apart as neither of their owners wanted to give them up. Supporting the concept, a professor at Claremont Graduate University in California named Paul Zak discovered that a dog’s brain actually releases the love hormone called oxytocin when it interacts with humans and dogs just like how human brain sends signal when we hug or kiss someone. So, see? Dogs are more emotional than you have ever thought.


  • Dogs can recognize a number of colors. While it is a common belief that dogs can only recognize colors black and white, the truth is they can actually see colors other than black and white. It is just that the colors they see are not as vivid as what humans see. That is because they only have two cones in their eyes responsible for color recognition unlike humans that have three. This means they can see colors on a blue and yellow scale but are not able to differentiate colors red and green and those in between. The upside to this, on a bright note, is that they have better night visions than humans.
  • Dogs have their own version of fingerprint too. While a dog’s paw print looks pretty common, the print in their nose is actually as unique as a fingerprint of humans. Every dog has his own unique sets of ridges and creases that are enough to be used as identifiers.
  • They are literally hot dogs. A dog’s normal temperature is 38 degrees Celsius. Hence, this explains why they are extra attractive to most fleas.
  • Dogs can sense some illnesses. According to a research at the Schillerhohe Hospital in Germany, dogs are able to recognize the smell of some organic compounds that tells there is something wrong in a human’s body. Apparently, dogs can even diagnose cancer, diabetes, and epileptic seizure but that is something researchers have to explore further.
  • Your dog’s urine can actually tarnish a metal. Their urine is so acidic that it can make a metal rusty. As a matter of fact, way back in April 2003, urinating dogs were blamed by Derbyshire County Council for collapsing lamp posts in Croatia as the dogs’ urine would cause the posts’ bases to crumple.

At the end of the day, dogs have been, are, and will always be man’s best friend.


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