Figo, the Golden Retriever Who Saved the Life of His Owner

Last 2015, another touching story of a dog has inspired the world. His name was Figo, the Golden Retriever service dog who was praised and loved for diving in front of a bus to save the life of his blind owner.

It all started when the bus did not seem to slow down. When Figo realized it was not running any slower, he immediately pushed his owner out of the way and took the force of the impact right away, positioning his body in between the nearing bus and his owner, Audrey Stone. The impact left them with broken bones and some serious injuries as they lied in the intersection of North Main Street and Michael Neuner Drive in Brewster, Massachusetts. Although Audrey Stone is legally blind and was unable to see what happened, witnesses informed her of the dog’s kind and heroic gesture in an effort to protect her.

Although wounded, damaged, and in rough shape, Figo the dog stayed by his owner’s side until rescuers came in to help. With his injured paw, he limped over so he could stay beside Stone as the medics rescued her. Paul Schwartz, who was manning a gas station near the area ran over right away to help. “The dog did not want to leave her side,” Schwartz said. “He was flopping over to her, and she did not want him to get away from her, either. She kept screaming Figo’s name. We kept telling her he was fine.”

The ambulance heading toward Danbury Hospital did not take Figo with them, causing rage to the Audrey and the dog himself. Instead, he was brought to Middlebranch Veterinary in Carmel. Apparently, Figo was not taken to the hospital because his broken ulna bone and a gash in his right front leg could only be medicated at the veterinary and not at a hospital for humans. Figo underwent a surgery and rested right after with a splint attached to his right leg. He was recovering at the Veterinary hospital in New York.

Too many people were touched by Figo’s story that one of them even covered the dog’s veterinary hospital bill while others sent in cards and toys. Both Figo and his owner, Audrey Stone, seriously needed time to recover from their bruises and injuries in order to go out for some strolling again. Audrey Stone had only wished for one thing and that is to give her Golden Retriever a medal to honor all that he did. After several months of not being together, Figo finally returned to Audrey Stone’s house, fully recovered, and happily, he came home to a hero’s welcome party.

Because of the uplifting and heartening deed of Figo the dog, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals awarded him with a Dog of the Year Award. More than the award, Figo was happier to receive all the praises and gifts he got and his major prize that is to reunite with his owner, Audrey Stone. He was wagging his tail at full force as he approached the driveway to be cozy with Stone.

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