A Heart-breaking and Inspiring Story of a Dog that Lost His Ear

jalk-vom-haus-geisthund-the-dog-who-lost-his-earIn August 2014, a Jalk Hom Haus Geisthund found shelter in the home of the Valencis family. Since the start, he has always painted happiness in the world through his playful, affectionate, and loyal traits. He would play with everything he could bump into, shredding toilet rolls and dug holes as his adoptive family receives his unconditional love.

jalk-vom-haus-geisthund-the-dog-who-lost-his-ear1However, just a year and a month after, after their daily dose of strolling, Jalk’s mom, Angela Valencis, noticed there was a small lump on his head. They initially went to the nearest pet shop and had a veterinarian medicate him with antibiotics but to no avail. The lump still continued to grow. After a week of contemplating what to do next, Jalk’s mom finally decided to have him checked up again with the lump having grown to the size of a baseball. After the check-up, he was diagnosed with stage 2 soft tissue sarcoma – a malignant tumor to be exact. From that point on, Jalk received his regular treatments including the omission of the tumor.

The tumor had grown big enough that it would be impossible for Jalk not to lose his left ear if the tumor had to be removed. Not to mention, he had to wear a cone too. Jalk underwent several treatments from surgeries to radiation even if this required his family to drive 140 miles from their home in Farmington, Connecticut, five days a week, for a 45-minute appointment.

jalk-vom-haus-geisthund-courtesy-to-the-valencis-familyFortunately, after regular treatments and check-ups, the whole medication process became a success. As a celebration, his family shared his inspiring story on social media. To date, the post has became viral and has been shared across the web more than a thousand times. When BuzzFeed interviewed the family, Valencis told the crew that the decision to put Jalk through the treatment was made after sufficient research and consideration.

“His eyesight was not affected at all, and he still hears the UPS and FedEx trucks coming down the street before I do,” his sister Alicia said. “He is truly our wonder pup, and in the centre of the heart of our family, a beloved and adored member of our pack,” she added.

jalk-vom-haus-geisthund-the-survivorRecent studies show that one out of four dogs is likely to develop some type of cancerous tumor – something really devastating not just to pet owners’ emotions but to their finances as well especially that the cost to diagnose and treat cancer-related diseases can oblige them to take out a huge amount from their bank accounts.

“It is not uncommon to have a $2,000 to $3,000 veterinary bill,” said Dr. Carol McConnell, Vice-President and Chief Veterinary Medical Officer for Veterinary Pet Insurance Company or VPI.

Dr. McConnell further reminded the pet owners about the importance of regular veterinary check-ups and exams for their dogs and cats to be able to detect and treat illnesses early as this boosts pets’ chances for survival. She emphasized, moreover, the need to be financially prepared all the time. “Financial preparation is key,” she said.

Original Story: https://www.buzzfeed.com/krishrach/this-story-behind-how-this-dog-lost-his-ear-is-heartbreaking

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