The Dog Facts

There are countless reasons why dogs are being loved by men. They are one of the most adored and favorite pets that add colors to this black and white world. To know more about your canine companions, below are some surprising and interesting facts about your favorite pet:

Fact #1:  Your dog knows when it is meal time or strolling time. Dogs pick up on our habits and routines and they really do have a sense of time. If you leave them for a long period of time, their reactions would vary however. One thing is for sure, though; your dog misses you too.

Fact #2: Notice how a 2-year-old toddler thinks? Your dog is probably as smart as the toddler is. And most likely, this explains toddlers and dogs are usually best of friends. They seem to speak the same language and gestures.

Fact #3: A dog’s year is equivalent to 15 human years. However, while how they age vary according to their breeds, in most cases, large dog breeds age faster than the little ones.

Fact #4: Your dog’s paws are where their sweat glands are. This explains why they rely on panting as a way to cool down. One way to help them overcome it is by wetting the bottom of their feet during a hot day.

Fact #5: You may not be keen enough to notice this but your dogs and cats actually drink water the same way.

Fact #6: Dogs’ hearing senses are four times as sensitive as humans. While humans are able to detect frequency ranging from 64 to 23,000 hertz, dogs are even better with a range of 67 to 45,000 hertz.

Fact #7: The whiskers of your dog are there for a reason more than aesthetics. The whiskers can actually pick up on even subtle movements in air currents, sending signals about the shape, speed, and size of possible obstacles on their way. The whiskers are also helping them detect suspicious prey or dangers.

Fact #8: 320 pounds of pressure ~ that’s how much of a pressure a dog’s mouth exerts on average. Humans on the other hand exert 120 pounds. See the difference?

While having a dog as a pet is a great source of joy, one must still remember that owning one is a role that needs consistent and proper attention. To better understand your responsibilities as a dog owner, below are the necessary dos and don’ts to consider:

What Every Dog Owner Must Remember

First and foremost, in petting a dog, you must always have him wear a collar tag with his name and your address and contact number written on it as a sign that he has an owner. You can either make a tag by yourself or buy cute tags online. And since we all know that a free yet disciplined dog is always a happy dog, proper guidance and attention should be taken into consideration. This includes keeping your pet under control at all times, cleaning up his mess, training your dog to use the kerb the right way, keeping him close or keeping an eye on him during strolling moments, and giving him the right facilities to exercise and play around. Alongside these, make sure you are feeding your dog in a balanced and nutritious way and also, acknowledge the importance of proper grooming, vaccines and immunizations to ensure your dog’s good health.

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