What Your Dogs Should Never Eat

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Yes, dogs have the most beautiful eyes and cutest face we have ever seen. Who could resist them when they ask for food right? That completely depends on the content the food has. As a dog owner, you should be responsible enough to know what food are very good for you dogs health as well as those that can endanger it.

When we eat our food, our dog friends are often there staring at us to try and get a taste of what their masters are eating. However, there are more people food that are dangerous to dogs rather than those that are healthy for them. Processed foods, for example, which most people are fond of is not a very good option when feeding your pets.

Knowing our cute and cuddly friends, you should pay extra attention to what he eats. The fuel you give them is directly associated to the energy they have for the day and the activeness they are able to have. Avoiding certain foods which can endanger their health is something all dog owners should be observant about. Weight is not the only reason some foods are not allowed for dogs. Some foods can really be very toxic for them but normal for humans. You will be surprised on what foods you nearly give your dogs that can lead to dangerous situations.

  1. Xylitol

A lot of food have this in them especially those that are processed and sweetened. Xylitol is an artificial sweetener placed in food and drinks, especially those that claim to have no sugar. Drinks such as soda often claim that they have no sugar added into them to lure more customers into buying. Consequently, customers that try to be more conscious of their health but still want to drink those kinds of drinks buy those products. In this instance, these drinks really do not have ordinary standard sugar added into them, what they have is artificial sugar. And one example of this is Xylitol.

Toothpaste, sodas, gum, candy and even baked goods could have Xylitol in them. If you do plan on giving these kinds of food to your dog, read the label vigilantly and see if there are additions of artificial sweeteners. If your dog does consume Xylitol, symptoms such as lethargy or weakness, vomiting or diarrhea and problems in coordination may occur. If the problem persists, your dog may experience seizures and problems such as liver failure. Never knew that candy could be so toxic to your dog did you? Well now you do.

  1. Alcohol

Alcohol can be dangerous for humans as well as for dogs. The thing is, for people, it takes a whole lot of alcohol to reach a dangerous and toxic level to the body. For dogs, however, very small amounts of alcohol could lead to a series of problems. This goes out as a warning to those alcoholics which want to share their experience with their dogs. Beer, wine or even food with alcohol added to them is a big no for dogs. Breathing problems, loose bowel movement, vomiting and problems with coordination are just some of the signs to look out for in cases of alcohol being consumed by your dog.

Additionally, your dog’s size should be taken into consideration when there are suspicions of your dog consuming alcohol. If you have a smaller dog and may have given him access to alcohol, you would expect worse symptoms. In this case, you should contact your veterinarian immediately and ask for any first aid actions you can do to lessen the adverse effects.

  1. Garlic and Onions

Whether cooked, raw, powdered or dehydrated, onions and garlic should be kept away from your dog. These types of food cause harm to your dog’s blood. They are capable of destroying your dog’s red blood cells and lead to conditions like anemia. Dog owners should be aware that a lot of food can contain garlic and onions, some of them we might now even be aware of. Baby food for example contains powdered onions that are healthy for a baby but can be toxic to dogs. Small amounts may be okay, but consuming large amounts in one seating can cause toxic effects to dogs.

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